Just to say Hello

Welcome to our website. We are delighted that we now have a wider platform on which to display our Hat Blocks and hope you enjoy them.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to order, or just like some more information about what we do.

Thank you.

The perfect hat started with the perfect Hat Block


4 thoughts on “Just to say Hello

  1. Hi from the United States. I suppose you know the famous milliner Lina Stein. She lives in Ireland. Anyways can you give an idea of your prices. thank you. Adrienne Bennett


    1. Hi Adrienne, I have heard of Lina Stein, of course, but I don’t actually know her. My hat blocks range in price from 50 euro for a “Button” block to 250 euro for a Cloche. I have three different styles of bandeau / halo block which are 75 euro. The prices are given for the blocks shown on my website. The sizes and or dimensions given may be changed. I also have an online shop on http://www.etsy.com All prices include standard postage costs. If you wish to send me an email at cgcolmanglennon@gmail.com and let me know which blocks you would like a price for, I will be happy to let you know.
      Kind regards,


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